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Preparing for your Debs

Former Debutante Lizzy Clarke gives some great advice when preparing for your debs. She writes, ‘With only a few months to go the eagerly anticipated countdown to the Debs begins. Looked upon as one of the most important events in the school calendar, the Debs marks both an end and a beginning in a student’s life. It is important that some thought is put into the big night so as the celebration goes to plan!'

The countdown begins - three months to go:

The debs dress
It may be time to hit the shops and begin to get a feel for the style of dress that would best suit you. Don’t worry if you don’t find anything straight away – by leaving yourself plenty of time you will have lots of opportunities to find the perfect gown.

Who to ask?
Start giving some thought as to whom you will bring along as your date for the night. Is it a friend or a partner? You will want to pick someone who you know you can rely on and have fun with. Don’t be shy in asking someone to come along with you; most people will be delighted at the thought of a good night out!

Two months to go:

The accessories
Once the dress has been organised, it is time to add the finishing touches to your outfit. Remember that a very plain, simple dress may be transformed through the addition of a statement necklace or clutch bag.

The shoes
Think about what kind of footwear you will choose for the big night. The key here is to choose a shoe you know you will be comfortable in. No one wants to have to opt out and head home early due to aching feet!

The lads - while the Debs may be considered less of an occasion for the boys, at the two-month mark, male debutantes should be considering tux hire and whether they will opt to wear accessories such as a waistcoat or braces.

One month to go:

Hair and make-up
With only one month until the big bash, you should consider whether you will style your own hair and make up or go to a professional. If having your hair or makeup done professionally, you will want to book at least one month in advance so as to secure your date.

If you are looking for a healthy bronzed glow, consider booking a spray tan for the night before the celebrations. This shouldn’t be seen as necessary however, as we Irish ladies are well able to rock our distinctive pale skin.

At this point, guys should finalise their tux arrangements and ask their date for the colour and style of their attire, so as to order an appropriate corsage.

The final countdown:

Friends and family
If you plan on having friends and family over to your house before you set off on your night of fun, make sure to let them know of your arrangements in good time. A nice send off will be sure to put you in a great mood for the night ahead.

With all of your arrangements made, find time to relax and enjoy the build up to the big night. Get plenty of sleep and eat well in the days leading up the date in order to ensure that you are feeling your best.