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Choosing a Debs Dress

While it can be difficult to find the right debs dress, surprisingly some Debs shop owners have told us that, on average, it takes girls about fifteen minutes to decide on buying the dress and that parents rarely get a say on the matter! Choosing a Debs dress is something hugely personal and momentous for a teenage girl and they will rarely give up their dream dress for something as trivial as the price tag!

A lot of girls go debs dress shopping with a very specific style in mind. Encourage them to keep an open mind and try on lots of different styles and to have fun!

Tips to keep in mind when buying a Debs Dress

Your daughter is likely to be wearing the debs dress for as long as 12 hours so she needs to make sure she is comfortable in the dress. Can she easily sit down, stand up, stretch her arms and walk around.

Are there any parts to the dress that could cause problems as the night goes own. Does it have a train that will constantly need to be hitched up making dancing difficult. Will you need to buy any special undergarments to make the dress work. Will she wear the dress again - can it be remade for future use?

Will your daughter mind if there are others there wearing the same dress. If she does, then it might be better to skip the high street shops and buy it one of the smaller boutiques. Many boutiques will keep a dress register to ensure that the same dress is not sold to another girl going to the same Debs so as to avoid any awkward ‘twin’ moments!

Budget for the Extras
Remember not to spend all the budget on the dress. There will be lots of extra costs to be considered like the clutch bag, shoes, underwear and jewellery

Style & Fashion
Debs fashions can changes from year to year but the most important thing to consider is how the dress makes your daughter feel. Whether its a sparkly gown or a short cocktail dress or an altered gown from someone else, once your daughter feels good in it, then it's the right dress.

Colour wise, Red, Navy and Bluish/Oyster are the colours that seem to dominate the Debs year after year. Pewter Grey and Nightshade are popular , but sparkly and shiny metallic materials like gold and silver are a strong trend. Ivory with a subtle shimmer is also a good choice.