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Junior Cert Results are out

Posted by on 13/09/2017. Junior Cert Results are outTags: Parenting Teachers

Over 61,5000 students across the country will be receiving their Junior Certificate Results today which is an increase of 2.3% on last year.

Four students received top marks of 12 As while 54 received 11 As. 240 students got 10As which represents a drop of 43% on last year. With the exception of Mathematics, which saw an increase of 2.4 per cent in the number of As awarded at higher level to 14.1 per cent, most other subjects recorded a fall in the number of top marks awarded.

This year is the first of results with the new English curriculum and marking system. Students in English will receive grades Distinction, Higher Merit and Merit as opposed to the A, B, C grades awarded in other subjects. The boundaries between grades in English have also changed, so it is not possible to make direct comparisons within tighter bands of last year but results show that at both levels, the proportion achieving 55pc,  or more, in the subject was 81-83pc, compared with about 76-77pc last year . The dual presentation of marks will continue until 2021 when the Junior Certificate is phased out and replaced entirely with the new Junior Cycle.

This year also sees the replacement of the Junior Cert with the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA), which will record the results of the June exams as well as other student achievements, such as sporting or debating activities,  recorded in school. However some students may have blank spaces in those boxes  because of the opposition to the junior cycle changes by the ASTI resulting in its members refusing to co-operate with such assessments.

As students head out this evening to celebrate Junior Certificate results, parents are being reminded to talk to their children about about appropriate celebrations. The HSE, says that alcoholshouldn’t be involved in any celebrations - “Alcohol should play no part in Junior Certificate celebrations, and parents can support young people to enjoy their success by organising a celebration at home or elsewhere, or to go to age-appropriate events where alcohol will not be an option.”

For information on Junior Cert results and tips for parents on dealing with the 'disappointed student' or on planning appropriate celebrations, check out our Junior Certificate Results Section.



(13/09/2017 09:47)

‘Teachers proud of their Junior Cert students’, says ASTI leader

‘Each set of results represents a unique person’

ASTI President Ger Curtin has sent a message of congratulations to all of the students receiving their Junior Certificate results today.

“Each set of results represents a unique set of talents, abilities, skills and interests, and it is this uniqueness that we are celebrating today.”

“The Junior Cert is an important milestone for students and provides invaluable guidance about each student’s interests and strengths as they prepare for the Leaving Certificate and beyond. Parents, students and teachers appreciate the fact that the Junior Cert is an independent and objective statement of learning half way through their second-level education.”

In a message to students, the ASTI President said: “Regardless of individual grades, today you have in your hand your first State Exam Certificate. Well done. Your teachers are proud of you. I would encourage all students to celebrate in a safe manner. If you are celebrating with your friends make sure your parents are involved in your plans.”


(13/09/2017 09:48)

13 September, 2017 - Minister Bruton congratulates over 61,000 students on their Junior Certificate/Cycle Results

The Minister for Education and Skills, Richard Bruton T.D, congratulated over 61,000 (61,654) students on receiving their provisional Junior Certificate/Cycle results today. “I wish to congratulate all those who receiving their results today. Today marks the completion of your junior cycle and it is a proud moment for yourselves, your parents and your teachers. Today you are seeing the well deserved results of all the hours of hard work and dedication that have gone into preparing for your exams.”

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