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Over half of 2022 Leaving Certificate Grades inflated

Posted by SchoolDays Newshound, on 02/09/2022. Over half of 2022 Leaving Certificate Grades inflatedTags: Parenting Teachers News

61,000+ Leaving Certificate students receive their Leaving Certificate Results today after 10am. The figure of 61,000 includes 3,051 students who sat the alternative Leaving Certificate Applied programme and 12,452 who opted for the Leaving Certificte Vocational Programme.

This is the first time in 3 years that all students sat exams and there will be no predicted grades. Students however did have a greater choice on exam papers and had to answer fewer quetions to compensate for the disruptions to their education during the pandemic. A second sitting was also provided thi year for students who were unable to sit the June examinations due to illness or bereavement. 397 candidates took up this option.

Minister Foley made a promise to this year's students that their results would in aggregate be no lower than last year's students.All papers were marked in the normal way, however, as a result Minister's commitment, the State Examinations Commission (SEC) has added marks to the exam scores achieved by all candidates receiving results today had marks have been adjusted upwards on a sliding scale to ensure that this years results were no lower than last year's. Adjustments were applied across all subjects and levels, according to the SEC. Marks have been boosted by an average of 5.6%. A 'linear adjustment' was made across all subjects and levels, with more marks added towards the lower of the reulsts scale compared to the top.

For example, a student who scored 50 out of 100 had seven extra points added, while a top score of 100 out 100 attracted just three additional points. No marks were adjusted downward and the SEC has advised that all students who were at the same score in each subject/level following the marking process moved to the same score following the application of the adjustment.

Universities have expressed concern that the inflated grades were making it harder for colleges to identify top students for high-pint courses and as a result, universities may have to use random selection across many high-point courses when CAO round one offers are released on Thursday, September 8th.

There are very tight deadlines this year for applying to view scripts (10th September) and to submit Appeals (from 9am Sat 10 September) - View all the important dates and information on the Schooldays Leaving Certificate Results Section

First round CAO offers will issue on 8th September .



(02/09/2022 09:16)

ASTI President Miriam Duggan has sent a message of congratulations to approximately 60,000 Leaving Certificate students who are receiving their results today (Friday, September 2nd):

“To those receiving results today, your teachers are extremely proud of you. You have had to cope with uncertainty and disruption at a key point in your education journey. Whatever your results today, all of you have achieved an important milestone in your lives. I urge you to stay calm and take the time to explore your many options and pathways over the coming days and weeks. Know that the skills, experiences and resilience you have developed in the last number of years will stand to you.”

“This year’s students have come through three challenging years due to the pandemic. Some students had no experience of sitting State Exams prior to the Leaving Cert 2022. Thankfully, this year students had a far greater degree of certainty regarding their written exams and had the assurance of an independent, fair and transparent State Exams assessment process.”

The ASTI President said that engagement between the education stakeholders (including the teacher unions), the State Examinations Commission and the Department of Education earlier this year resulted in the implementation of measures to ensure that aggregate Leaving Cert results in 2022 are not lower than last year.

“The impact of the pandemic on our examinations system over the past three years has underlined the importance of having a fair, transparent and robust State Exams process. In any change to the Senior Cycle, we must ensure that these strengths are retained, that equality of opportunity is a prerequisite, and that the collective voice of teachers is heard and respected.”

Finally, the ASTI leader asked today’s Leaving Cert students to celebrate their results safely.

“This is a day to celebrate as a key milestone in your life. I urge you to keep yourself and those around you safe,” said Ms Duggan.

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