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Ideas for keeping the kids Physically Active at Home

Physical activity is good for you but it also very enjoyable. There are so many physical activity opportunities that are available online, we hope you have fun with your kids and help them to get through their time indoors.

Story Hive Yoga for Kids

Sophia Khan and two kid-sized helpers lead an energizing 25 minute yoga class. Sophia gives playful instructions to keep kids engaged and to help them to understand the concepts of yoga. This yoga vid is suitable for older children.

Yoga for Beginner Kids

This vid is very good for preschool age children. The instructor guides a class of four children through a child-focused routine that’s easy to follow at home. Full of big energy, this will help get your kids moving without bugging you with annoying music and characters.


Make up Bingo-style sheets for your kids with exercises listed in the squares, along with number of repetitions or length of time for each exercise. These might include 10 pushups, burpees or jumping-jacks; 20 seconds of mountain-climbers, jumping rope or running in place; and so on. Give each child a Fitness Bingo sheet and a pencil or marker to mark off which activities they complete as you call them out. The first person to call out “Fitness Bingo!” when they’ve marked off all their squares gets to be the leader of the next round or if you are feeling generous, make up little prizes.


This classic game might seem like it’s only for young children, but the truth is that kids of any age can enjoy the silliness and fun that Musical Chairs provides. Best of all, this game gets kids moving while also honing their listening skills. The basic, classic format of the game involves setting up chairs in a circle with their backs to the inside of the circle, starting with one fewer chair than the total number of kids playing the game. Kids form an outer ring around the chairs and walk, skip, run or jump around the chairs to music. When you hit Pause at random moments, everyone must scramble to find a seat. Whoever doesn’t find a seat is “out”; set one chair to the side and continue the game in rounds until there’s only one final child standing (or sitting, as the case may be)!

There are lots more great games to be found in our birthday section which are not just for parties. Check out these great games here:

Fun Activities in the House & Garden