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Ideas for structuring your kids days at home during school closures

With your children now all home from school it is important to use this time well. Isolation means staying at home and not going to busy public places in the event they have been infected without their knowledge. It is done to control the spread of the virus, one where they may display only mild symptoms if at all.

Unfortunately for those adults looking to supervise them or put some structure around their day, that may mean a little creative thinking, depending on the age of your child.


Ideally, screen-time should be limited to a full-length movie or 2-3 45 minute bursts throughout the day, Where possible, agree with your child/children what times during the day this will take place and who gets to choose the programmes or games.

Fresh Air:

Getting out into the fresh air for a brisk walk, cycle or jog is a good idea as the endorphins that are released with this exercise will help you and your child feel better about the day ahead. However, if you or your child have any symptoms, best to limit fresh air to your garden - check out these garden ideas.

Get into the Kitchen:

Cooking or baking together is a really fun way to spend time with your child or older teen. Let them choose the recipe and then reap the rewards of their success when it is cooked! Check out a few recipe ideas to do with the kids here

Spring Clean:

This is the ideal time to clean out wardrobes of clothes that no longer fit or have seen better days. And to clear out bookshelves or toy cupboards of those they no longer play with or are too old for. Crank up the music and have some fun while you work!


This is the ideal time to explore some new books, whether reading with your child or ordering some new titles on kindle. If you are looking for inspiration, here's a list of the most borrowed kids books of 2020


Paint, practice some mindful colouring, learn to knit or crochet - you’ve all the time in the world! Engage the help of some YouTube tutorials to get your creative juices flowing.


Why not challenge your child to a board game marathon. Take them all out and award prizes for the winner of each game and overall winner too of course!

If all else fails, there’s always schoolwork and school projects to consider getting up to speed on. Although, we are sure even the spring cleaning would get a better response from your child!

Article Provided by Laura Erskine of
The Parenting Experts

For more information visit her website.

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