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20 Things to do for Free for Kids in a Pandemic

Play Board Games

Board Games never go out of style, a few good choices are Jenga, Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders and Connect 4.

Card games

Spit and Gin Rummy are fun card games. Uno is also a great card game and is suitable for younger kids too.

Hide and Seek

This game never grows old. For younger kids, reduce the counting time.

Make a Den

Dens are great fun and will keep kids amused for hours. Use old sheets or duvets with two chairs or create one under the table and throw a sheet over it. Use cushions and fairy lights for comfort and ambience.

Handprint family tree

Very easy to create, just need paper, paints and a few hands.

Virtual Yoga Class

There are so many Kids Yoga classes available free online. We like Story Hive Yoga for Kids and Beginners Yoga for Kids.

Make Homemade No Glue Slime

An easy recipe which is safe for kids!

Play with Water Balloons

Water Balloon fights are a little messy but great fun. An easy way to fill the balloon is to attach the water balloon’s neck to a funnel and fill it up from the tap. To create your own makeshift funnel, you can cut the bottom off a plastic bottle

Eye Spy

A very simple game that can be enjoyed by all the family. One player spies something and keeps it a secret. Whomever guesses the right answer is the next player to eye spy.

Create a photo album

Home made photo albums are fun to create and design. A note book with heavy quality paper can work very well, pritt stick glue is best to use to attach photos to the pages as liquid glue can seep through.


Puzzles are not only fun but they also are great to improve dexterity. They are great for mindfulness and are a super mental exercise for all ages.

Face Painting

Tear drops and swirls are easy to create and our tip is to make sure the first layer is dry before adding more paint.


It is true that cooking with kids requires time, effort and patience, but it is usually worth it in the end. We have some lovely baking ideas here.

Cardboard Box House

The joy that the simple things in life can bring to a child. All you need is a cardboard box and some markers.

Make a Bird Feeder

Don’t forget the birds at this time of year. All you need is a cookie cutter to create a simple bird feeder. Check out this brilliant tutorial here.

Plant Flower & Herb Pots

Clean empty jam jars can be used to plant your soil and seeds and a nail file or ice cream stick is a simple way to tag your herb and flower pots. Sweet Pea have a gorgeous scent and are very easy to grow.

Indoor Picnic

Colourful plates and cutlery can make an indoor picnic more fun, why not have one in the Den?


Gardening is the ideal hobby and way to help children learn more about nature and growth. Read Tips for Gardening with Kids here.That link looks ok on mobile, just turn the ad serving off please


This game has been around since Roman Times. It is very easy game to play, all you need is some chalk and a stone.

Create a Family Tik Tok Dance

A great way for kids to get moving and have fun indoors, best part is the whole family can get involved. If you are new to Tik Tok, read all about it here.

Fun Activities in the House & Garden