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Planning the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

    Easter celebrations wouldn’t be complete without an egg hunt? Here are a few tips to help you organise the perfect hunt this year.

    Use different color eggs

    Consider color coding the eggs according to age. For example you could have two- to four-year-olds looking for blue eggs while those four to six search for green, and so on. That way the little ones have an equal chance at finding the eggs

    Keep a record

    Always make a note of how many eggs you’ve used and where they’re hidden. There’s nothing worse than finding melted chocolate under the cushions days later!

    Draw a map

    Keep things interesting by setting up a treasure hunt. Give each child a map using picture clues for non-readers, e.g. a picture of a chair, or draw a coffee table to show them where the eggs are. Be a bit sneaky by hiding another map at one of the clues. Use riddles for older kids and lead them to more difficult places, e.g a specific novel on the book shelf

    Plastic Eggs

    Consider using plastic egg and filling the eggs with small treats (one per egg), such as fuzzy chicks, temporary tattoos, stickers, small toys, friendship bracelets or sweets.

    Don’t forget to have little baskets, bags or plastic cups for the kids to put the eggs they find into!

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