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Transition Year Resources and Intiatives

The Transition Year Programme promotes the personal, social, vocational and educational development of students and prepares them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society (Transition Year Guidelines, 1994, Department of Education). It is a one year programme taken after the Junior Certificate and before the Leaving Certificate Programme.

Some schools offer the TY programme to all students while some have a limited number of places for which students must apply.

Transition Year Curriculum - View Details

More detail about the Transition Year programme along with answers to FAQs is available on Second Level Support Services Website (SSLS) - click on their TY image for more details.
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Transition Year Initiatives

Elements of the Transition Year curriculum can vary considerably between schools with each school devising it's own unique programme for it's students.

There is a broad range of initiatives and Organisation sponsored programmes specifically developed for Transition Year students which schools can participate in.
Work Experience Placements

Most schools offer a work experience programme as part of transition year. Some schools require TY students to source a one week block of work experience while other schools require students to source two different weeks of work experience.

Below is a link to some useful Irish Times articles on TY work experience along with links to some organisations who facilitate TY work experience.

If your organisation offers TY placements, email us the details and we will add a link.

If you have some useful tips or experiences to share on finding work experience, please post to our TY discussion thread above.

Career Guidance Resources Career Guidance Page
Transition Year Tours & Outings

Transition Year students may have the opportunity to go on a number of curriculum based outings and field trips throughout the school year. has information on a range of outing options. Click on the following links for: