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Maths Resources & Supports at Primary Level

If your child is having difficulty with Maths concepts, it is important to make the child's teacher aware of this so that they can provide additional support where possible. You may also find the additional resources on this page useful

Remember if you are helping your child with their Maths homework, the terminology with regard to addition and subtraction may have changed considerably since your own school days - terms like 'borrowing' and 'paying back' are no longer used - instead you will hear your kids use terms such as 're-grouping'. In order to help rather than confuse your child it is important to understand the way these concepts are taught now in schools. The following resources from the NCCA will help you understand the Maths Curriculum and the terminology and methods used.

Mathematics Resources

Learning Resources

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Useful Maths Websites
Basic maths skills and fun activities with helpful hints, advice and fun activities
Interactive Maths dictionary with over 500 terms, explores maths terms via definitions &activities.
Maths resource helping kids aged 5-18 improve their numeracy. Parents can can set tasks and monitor progress. 10% Discount Code IE2013
Dowloadable games,activities and worksheets for maths
Downloadable Maths Resources & worksheets for Primary Teachers or Parents
We and Us
Free teching resources for Maths based on Irish curriculum
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