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Great Games to get the Halloween Party started!

Make A Mummy

Supplies Needed:
1 x Toilet Roll per team
1 x Sellotape per team
1 x mask per team

How to play:
Divide the kids into teams and give each team a toilet roll (white) and some sellotape.
When you start the clock/music each team picks a child on their team to wrap up in the toilet paper as a mummy (make sure they don’t wrap their hand to their body).
When the teams are finished give each mummy the same mask to wear and ask them to dance to the monster mash song.
The best mummy team win a prize.
Make sure you have plenty of rubbish bags to gather up all the toilet paper afterwards!

Spider Web

Supplies Needed:
1 x odd ball of wool per child

How to play:
Children stand in a circle. Give everyone a ball of wool the end of which each child should tie around their waist.
To start the game shout “My oh my, it’s a fly! Start spinning!
Every child then tosses their ball of wool to any other child except one immediately beside them. On catching the wool, each child wraps it again around their waist. Repeat this process about ten times and the whole group will be tied up in a spider’s web. When the game finishes, the first player to get themselves untangled, without the aid of a scissors, is the winner.

Pop the Balloon
Supplies Needed:

2 x Balloons per child in different colours
1 x treat / small toy per balloon

How to Play:
Add the "treat" inside each balloon and blow up. Tie the balloon.
Dump all the balloons on the floor and tell the children how MANY they may pop.
The children must pop the balloons by either sitting on them and bouncing or by stomping on them.

Treat ideas:
spiders, rings, candy, mini balls, bars of chocolate, money,
anything small that will fit inside a balloon that would not hurt the child when the balloon pops

Pass the Intestines

Supplies Needed:
1 x Small Pumpkin or 1 x Small Bucket
Cooked Spaghetti with Red Sauce
Small Treats

How to Play:
Fill a pumpkin or small bucket with cooked spaghetti mixed with olive oil.
Add some treats e.g. coins, rings, wrapped prizes.

Play like pass the parcel where the pumpkin is passed from child to child.
When the music stops the child holding the pumpkin must put their hand into the intestines to claim a prize.

Don't forget to have paper towels or wet wipes at the ready for this game!

Balloon Sweep
Supplies Needed:

1 x Broom per team
1 x Balloon per team
1 x Race/Obstacle Course

How to Play:
This game would work well in a spacious classroom.
Divide the children into teams and give each team a broom. Set up a course for them to race on.
Decide where the best spot for the course should be and set up some basic obstacles for the children to cross.
The children are to run relays sweeping the balloon along the course and back to their team.
First team to have all of their classmates complete the course wins!

Ghost Waiter

Supplies Needed:
1 x Balloon per team
1 x paper plate per team
Optional: Ghost mask, dickie bow and hand towel

How to Play:

Divide the children into teams.

Set up a course for them to race on.

This game is very similar to an egg and spoon race, without the mess!

The child has to balance the balloon on a paper plate while walking down the course and back to their team

The Mummy Tomb
Supplies Needed:

1 x bag of white flour
1 x grape
1 x butter knife/ruler

How to Play:
Get the pyramid jewel without waking the mummy and becoming a ghost!
Mold a pyramid shape out of the flour and place the 'jewel' (grape) on the top of the pyramid.

The children must take turns cutting a section of the flour pyramid away with the knife or ruler.
The first child who causes the grape to fall has woken the mummy!
They must stick their face into the flour and become ghosts themselves!

Hanging Blind
Supplies Needed:

2 x Strings
1 x blindfolds per child
1 x Apple
1 x Bar of Soap

How to Play:
Tie string around the apple and the bar of soap (unscented soap will work best)
Hang them from the ceiling a distance apart and at different lengths.
Blindfold the children, making sure that they do not know the locations of the apple or the soap.
Without using their hands, the children must find the apple and take a bite out of it.
The first child to do so wins, however if they take a bite out of the bar of soap then they are out of the game.

Zombie Tag
Supplies Needed:

No Supplies Needed for this game,
just imagination!

How to Play:
Start the game of with all of the kids in a circle, like a game of Duck, duck, goose.

The child who goes first is the 'Zombie' and the child they tap becomes infected with the zombie virus!
The rest of the children must run and try not to be 'tagged' by the two zombies or they will become zombies themselves.

The last child left untouched wins the game and can choose who the next zombie will be.

Gone Fishin'
Supplies Needed:

1 x Large Basin full of tepid water
1 x Towel
Treats: Apples, coins, nuts, anything water proof

How to Play:
Add the treats to the basin of water. Using only their mouth, the children must fish out the treat that they want.
Hands cannot be used!
Coins are a challenge for the older kids as they sink to the bottom
and nuts are a good obstacle to add in to make it a little more challenging.
Make sure to have a towel at the ready as this game is sure to get the kids wet!
Try to set this game up in the kitchen or anywhere where spills will be easy to clean up.