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Paired Reading - How to Do it

Paired Reading has two steps:

1. Reading Together

You and your child read the words out loud together. You must not go too fast. Make your speed as fast or as slow as your child's. Your child must read every word. If your child struggles with a word and then gets it right, show that you are pleased. Never let your child struggle for more than 5 seconds.

If your child struggles for too long or gets a word wrong, then:

1. Just say the right word yourself, and

2. Make sure that your child repeats it properly.
Make sure that your child looks at the words. It can help if one of you points to the word you are reading with a finger. It's best if your child does the pointing.

2. Reading Alone

When you are reading together and your child feels good enough, your child may want to read a bit alone. You should agree on a way for your child to tell you to be quiet. This could be a knock on the book, a wave of the hand or a nudge. You don't want your child to have to say "Be quiet" or they could lose track of the reading. You stop reading out loud the moment your child signals, and praise them for making the sign.

When your child struggles for more than 5 seconds, or struggles and gets it wrong, you say the right word for your child. Make sure that your child says it right as well.

Then you both go on reading together, until your child feels good enough to read on alone again, and asks you to be quiet. You must always remember to go back to reading together when your child has had problems with a word.

Video on Paired Reading

Article Source: Dyslexia Association of Ireland

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