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Birthday present overload?

Fewer birthday presents in Ireland can help children and families in Haiti!

Ever wondered if you could do anything about the amount of presents your child gets for his or her birthday, many of which will end up at the bottom of the toy box and are rarely played with?

Well, now you can with Oxfam Ireland’s Pass the Present. This is a really simple idea that will help reduce the birthday present overload but won’t spoil your child’s birthday either.

Pass the Present works as follows: As a parent preparing for a child’s birthday, you ask just a few guests to donate to Oxfam Ireland instead of buying your child a present. (All other guests buy a present as normal so your child still gets plenty of presents). After the birthday, Oxfam Ireland sends the birthday child a lovely Puzzle Pack which includes a certificate, puzzle sheets etc.

From the parent’s viewpoint, the good news is that this is really simple to do! All you have to do is download 'Pass the Present' Donation Forms and Invitations from the “I’d like to Pass the Present for my child” page on our website. You give these to the guests you have chosen and these guests donate directly to Oxfam Ireland. The Invite explains how it works and it has room for the specific party details also. Guests, especially busy parents, love to be asked to do Pass the Present as it is so easy to do compared to conventional present buying.

The donations received through Pass the Present will go towards helping thousands of families build a better future for themselves and their communities. 
You’ll be supporting our work in countries like Malawi and Tanzania, helping to provide life-saving drinking water where it is needed, send more girls to school, and give seeds and tools to farmers so that they can provide for their children. Log onto our website now ( ) for full details on how you and your children can use "Pass the Present".