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Fun Bus Games: Rabbit Race

Things you'll need:

Two Teddy Bears
Pair of Dice
Pair of Trays

Aim of the Game:

The hint is in the name! It is a race to get the teddy to the end of the bus and all the way back to the front before the other side.

How to Play:

Roll the dice into the tray to determine how many spaces the rabbit can move. For a little bit of devilment, if a six is rolled then the other side must go back two spaces. Feel free to make your own rules or tricks to keep the game fresh! This game is so easy to organize and requires very little planning. Its fast-paced and competitive nature will keep even the largest of groups entertained for a while.

The Prize:

Add a little incentive for everyone to take part in the game by offering sweets or a free homework day to the winning side!

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