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Dominican College

Phone: 091-523171

Unhelpful Administration; and MANY hidden

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Unhelpful Administration; and MANY hidden fees.          
09/26/2012 07:21 PM - Feedback-on-this-school (share to everyone)
It is September, and my daughter is new -- not only to the country, but to this school as well.  As early in the year as it is, we have already experienced disappointment with a lack of caring on the part of the principal and vice principal.  Within the first week, my daughter had books stolen right out of her locker -- which we had to PAY for-- AND it was broken.  (It´s an absurd thought to pay for a locker rental fee to begin with-- and then to find out that there is no LOCK on it?!).  My daughter went to the vice principal, and all she had to say was that it was my daughter´s fault, as we would simply have to buy new ones.
As offensive as I found it, I let that experience slide.
Now, after having paid for expensive clothing -- such as a jacket, which is mandatory (it MUST be the school jacket-- none other is accepted by the school), it was stolen from her IN SCHOOL.
My daughter again went to the principal and vice principal, who dug out this ratty old jacket that didn´t even have a zipper on it at all-- it was broken off, with even several teeth missing.  She requested to trade it with another that was in the lost and found box, the same one they dug this one out of, and they refused -- they said that she would ´just have to make do with this one for the year.´

Being a single mother, new to this country, it is a struggle to be able to afford all these ´requirements´ they place on the girls.  Would it really be too much to ask that they be even slightly helpful in recovering the stolen items -- or at least if they offer a substitute, offer one that is USABLE?  And, what message are they sending the students if theft is allowed to continue in the school, without any consequences from the administration??

Still angry about the reaction -- or lack thereof-- from the principal and the vice.

11/26/2013 10:30 AM -
Hi Tania,
I have experience with this school , not the secondary school, as I decided not to send my child here because from my experience with the primary school.From my experience,there is no equality in their system, it really depends on who you are and who you know that work there that will decide how they will deal with issues that arise. The Principal / Vice principal are very cold and unwelcoming and the Secretary is ,what I can only describe as outright rude and patronising,made me decide not to place my child in this enviornment. These are the representatives of the school and the people that you will be dealing with if something goes wrong. And in your case,it has,and you have unfortunately come face to face with their arrogance and lack of empathy. My child,who goes to another school, heard of this incidence,and we discussed it , and I was not surprised by their attitude. It totally unacceptable,but there is an air of arrogance and snobbery in this schools system from the bottom up and only i you know who is running the show or are connected in some way,or if you critisize their way of doing things, then you will see exactly who you are dealing with.i have heard that they got a new principal so things may improve but if you are still not happy,I suggest you move.

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