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Greystones Educate Together

Phone: 01-2871817

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11/29/2009 06:01 PM - General
Hi I am enquiring about the Greystones Educate Together School from existing parents as we would like to send our child there next year.  It would be great to get some general information good points/not so good points about the school it´s facilities practices and staff pupils etc.  Many thanks in advance.

03/11/2010 01:00 PM -
Hi, My son is currently attending there and is in 2nd class.  He is receiving a good education.  We moved to Greystones from overseas last year and my son initially had some trouble with focus and concentration and was a bit disruptive. A year later he has settled down and is doing very well.  He got handwriting and organizational help from Emmet, one of the special needs assistants and his teacher who is also the principal who has done a good job of focusing him on his strengths and discouraging his negative behavior.  It is a new school and is experiencing some growing pains.  During the current work to rule climate it has been a little difficult to get as much done as many parents would like but there is a strong parent´s association and both pre-school and after school clubs at the school for working parents. If you go to the school web site you will be able to see more.  All in all I am quite happy with the school although it still is a work in progress and should improve a lot over the next couple of years.
Hope this is helpful.

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