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John Scottus National School

Phone: 01 6609309

Parents Association Registration

A Parents Association can uniquely make posts to the 'Parents Association' category of the general school discussions for this school, and allow or disallow responses to those threads. All subscribers to individual streams or the general stream will be informed of any new posts in this category in their 'streams update' email. This will allow a Parents Association to quickly distribute information to subscribed followers of the school.

Parents Associations also have exclusive access to the Parents Association forum where you can connect with other local or national registered Parents Associations.

The contact details for a Parents Association first need to be verified with the school by before a username and password will be issued. Please use the form below to request a Parents Association username and log in.

Parents Association Registration Application

Parents Assoc. contact name
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Parents Assoc. email
School contact name
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School contact email
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