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Sean Doyle ST AUDOENS National School          
02/23/2009 12:23 PM - (share to everyone)
1952 i believe it was. I have a copy of that picture in The Irish Daily Mail. respond With interest.

Jack Doyle 02/26/2009 07:59 PM -
In response to the reply from Sean Doyle ( 23/02/2009 ) I wish to say that the date 1952 sounds about right. I would have been about 10 years of age at the time. For some unknown reason we never got a copy of the photograph at the time. I would be obliged if you could advise me how to get a copy of the photograph. By the way, as far as I am aware we are not related in any way.
Yours Sincerely
Jack Doyle

Ray Kavanagh 03/26/2009 01:10 PM -
Dear Jack,

My name I am a teacher in St Audoen´s. The new school was opened in 1954 by Archbishop McQuaid. It is of course much older than that, having been founded in 1756.Last year we published a history of the school. Youare welcome to dro in a get a copy. Maybe you are in it as we included some old photos. You will certainly remember John Timoney who was in the school during you preiod. He went on to become chief of Police in Miami. If you have any old photos or memorabilia, we would be delighted to see them. I have taken down the memories of many of our past pupils and would be deilighed to hear your memories. Our phone number is 6779856.

Ray Kavanagh

Ray Kavanagh.

Jack Doyle 03/26/2009 10:33 PM -
Dear Ray,
Many thanks for your reply. I am a retired aircraft engineer who moved to the Midlands a few years ago, which makes it just a little bit awkward to access places in Dublin. However, I will do my best to drop in a get a copy of the school´s history. The year 1954 sounds better as I think I was a little older than ten years of age. I probably would not have been allowed to travel in on the bus at that tender age, even allowing for those more moderate times. I still remember those days with great affection. Unfortunately I do not have any old photos or memorabilia, as times were hard and we didn´t have a camera. Equally, in the fullness of time, all of my scouting artifacts have vanished.

Yours sincerely
Jack Doyle

frank 08/29/2009 08:15 AM -
i remember moving from the old school on schoolhouse lane to the new,if i remember right we were joined by pupils froma school near to exchequer street,
frank harvey

bert carruthers 09/25/2009 06:19 PM -
hi i was a pupil in the mid 50 and early 60. played on the first winning gaa team in croke park ´ and represented school in tv programme tug of words on rte ´ mr daly was head master then ´do u have any photos of winning gaa team ;yours bert

Christopher Graham 10/21/2009 12:51 PM -
Hi I´m just after coming across this site,the happy memories that has go on in my head and a little tear reading the comments. I left St Audoen´s [old school] in 1954 and went to work, I was called back to the new in September of that year to collect my primary cert, I think there was about ten of us and we received ten-shillings each.A lot of money at the time. Grahamer.

02/03/2010 02:33 AM -

I remember moving from the old school and moving down to the new school, I was almost 6yrs old and if memory serves me it was 1954. I was in a Miss Leonards class and the new school had a lovely new smell. We merged with a nearby school. I believe the head mistress was a Miss Holey I am not too sure of the spelling. I found this site while looking online for old Roll books I became interested when I passed by on a trip to Dublin not long ago was wondering is there a past pupil site where I could acquire any information.

Nice memories, Maria


07/05/2010 12:57 AM -
St Audoens was my first school I remember going up the steps a poor tramp lived in an alcove there he still wore his army uniform we used to run past him in fright ,looking back I feel so sad I was to young to understand and still feel guilty for not helping him,I have never forgotten him,I still remember what he looked like.I am sure the Angels are looking after him now. >I would love a photo copy of the early days if anyone has one , 1945-1954 My Aunts and Uncles and My Mammy wennt there also.

07/05/2010 01:04 AM -
My Sister Ellen Jackson , Ex puple of St Audoens , has been missing since 1966 . Ellen would have been in an early school photo  .she was there about 1946-1954 or 1956 I would be interested in seeing any old photos .

12/10/2010 01:07 AM -
To Sean Doyle. Hi Sean did you say you have a copy of an old photo I was there then with both my sisters and would love a copy how can I go about getting a copy, do you remember the Bread and Jam sandwich ?we were given as a lot of us had no breakfast before going to school .

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