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St Mac Dara's Community College

Phone: 01-4566216

st mac daras community college rollnumber 70260V

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Michael Staunton St Mac Dara          
08/01/2008 12:49 PM - (share to everyone)
In my personal expierience at this school, i have to say it was and is a brilliant expierience, with many oppertunities for students of all types. i spent the best years of my life there and do often remember the support and understanding i received from peers and teachers alike. if you are deciding to go to st mac daras or send someone to this school do try your best to go there. When i was there Mr Ryan was vice-Principal but i am certain without a doubt he still makes the school special and a great place to be, if anything he would add to the place he is a lovely person and Teacher and will never forget your name. ha ha. i would also just like to thank all of st mac daras for my time there.i will never forget it. Regards, Michael (class ferns 2005)

laura 09/13/2008 09:02 AM -
im a first year and i think the school is so cool the principal is so great if any mams are reading this you have to send your children to mac daras

ill never forget this school

Susan 11/23/2008 02:00 AM -
I can only presume that it is Sean Ryan who is now principal of the school. In my day (showing my age), it was Mr. McPhillips with Mr. O´Shea as vice principal. It was a fantastic school and was ahead of its time. When I tell my husband now what the school had to offer back then he´s amazed. If I wasn´t living so far away now it would probably be the school I would have chosen for my own children.

Ryan Farrell 1 Dublin 03/02/2009 05:43 PM -
Well im first year and i think its a great school so far its very easy

Daniel Bride 5 Clonad 03/10/2009 02:34 AM -
I´m a 5th Year and I have to say that the school is a very unique school compared to others in the area. It has a sense of community and generally everybody gets to know eachother eventually.

During my 4yrs in the college, I enjoyed every day of it.

St. Mac Daras is the type of school that you would naturally want/like to get up and go to every day. The kindness and respect that students and teachers have for eachother adds to the inviting atmosphere of the school.

Teachers are extremly dedicated to helping students and are willing to give up their own free time in order to allow students to grasp difficult material or tackle any problems/issues that students may have with certain topics .

The school is very strict on bullying and can be seen through the attitude that students of the college have towards it. Students have 0% tollerance for bullying so much so that if bullying were to occur in the corridors or at lunch (which is extremly rare) students of all years stand up and defend the student/s who is being bullied. This is a unique bond that students of the college develope with eachother in 1st Year.

As a conclusion I would like to strongly recommend St. Mac Daras to all those who are considering a secondary school to select for their son/daughter.

I would like to take this oppertunity to thank St. Mac Daras for all its help through my Junior Cert and in advance for my Leaving Cert. I have developed a lot of skills in St. Mac Daras that I will carry on in life so thanks again.

The saying is very true;

Your school days are the best days and most memorable of your life

Helen 07/16/2009 12:49 PM -
Brilliant school, finished in 92 and now looking for school for my son would love to send him here if I didn´t live so far away. Mr Ryan the principle was my teacher for 5 years and he is excellent and by far the fairest teacher I have come across. There were great bonds between students and teachers that brought out abilities such as art, writing, sporting achievement that went well beyond normal school training and help. It was one of the saddest days of my life when I left in sixth year and while it wasn´t always easy it was such a learning experience.

Oscar San Emeterio 07/19/2009 06:30 PM -
I spent two great years at Mac Daras. I was there 88/89 and 89/90. The principal was Mr. McPhillips, and I think that the principal now is the same Mr. Ryan that was my trainer at the soccer team. A great man. I miss you all.

Nicole 09/15/2009 08:22 PM -
Hello people,

just to let you know that i am a first year and i go to that school and its really good.

All the teachers are really nice and so is Mr.S Ryan he is the best principle ever.

Theres great sports,drama and history clubs in the school.

Thats all i have to say :D

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