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The Brunner

Phone: 01-8720781

st pauls c.b.s. rollnumber 60430O

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** st-pauls-c.b.s.-rollnumber-60430O
Kashila St Pauls C.B.S.          
03/23/2009 12:39 PM - (share to everyone)
Dear Sir

I tried to send the Principal an email in connection with the admission of my son,aged 15, this September 2009.However,the email address on the website is said to be invalid....

Grateful if you could advise me of the route to follow.I am new to the Country and I am acting on the Ministry of Education´s advice to contact you,given that I am living in the catchment area.

We are of Catholic faith.

Grateful if you could treat as urgent as my son is flying to meet me very soon.

Thank-you so much for your help.

Kashila 03/23/2009 10:06 PM -
Hi Kashila. We´ve sourced a new email address for you to try which we have also inserted above, its We´ve also provided a link above to the school´s website so that you can find out more about the school. Hope this helps

Pat McCormack 05/01/2009 11:31 AM -
the email address is

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