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2nd year school bullying

2nd year school bullying           reply
11/04/2011 09:05 - Ask Mother Hen
I have just received a call from my sons year head to inform me that he has (along with a few other boys) been bullying another boy in class. I am so shocked as he has always been a great kid, but recently we have felt he had fallen in with ´the wrong crowd´ as homework/behaviour etc had changed dramatically, we sat him down discussed it organised what we thought was a suitable punishment (all game consoles/mobile etc removed, written study after homework to be completed every night which is then reviewed by us, basically removed most things he hold dear to make him aware that we were serious, and he was not permitted to pal around with said boys anymore. We thought we had nipped this is the bud before it got out of hand but now I am so shocked to have received this call this morn. We are meeting with the year head tomorrow, but I just don´t know what to do regarding how to try to get through to him at home as what we have been doing has obviously not worked?

re : 2nd year school bullying           reply
12/04/2011 06:50 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi there,

Can I suggest that you update us after the school meeting. You will have more details on exactly what happened and this will help us to give you better advice.

Good luck with the meeting and update this post as soon as you can.

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