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5 year old behavior

5 year old behavior           reply
18/06/2019 23:17 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Kilkenny)
My son is 5 1/2 and is starting primary school in September after spending two years in Montessori. He is a very outdoor type of child and enjoys a lot of rural activities and especially loves being outside with his Grandads. He is always on the go and will cycle his bike in our back yard before school etc. He tends to be overactive at times. He sleeps very well approx 11 hours undisrupted sleep in his own room. From the moment he wakes up he is talking and on the move. He loves to make people especially adults laugh. He takes on the role of ‘comedian’ at times. His reports from Montessori are good. Most recently saying he is excellent at taking turns in games, however I have seen him not being so good with his older sister and younger cousins. This can lead to him getting frustrated and acting up. He began a sport recently and he really enjoyed 1st week when it was in my opinion ran very well. He received praise and I noted (from distance) he was very obedient. However this week a more relaxed coach was present and he was messing around and I received a comment about how he was hyper but funny to watch. When asked he said he made coach laugh but I could see he didn’t behave all that well. I also noted his little friend was unhappy with his messing and asked him to stop. I asked my son and he said he knew he was silly and that he would be better next week. He gets very upset if his friends don’t like his behavior and feels left out. His report from Montessori always says he has excellent social skills and gets on very well with peers. I am worried about his behavior. Is it normal boy behavior or should I be concerned about his level of hyper behavior. I am worried it will impact on him in primary school. As I said reports have been excellent from Montessori. I am aware of one time out which he told me about (not his teachers). He and few friends were being loud. He said sorry to his teacher after incident so I feel he does know right from wrong but then forgets when he gets hyper again. I then feel every one is watching him and judging his behavior and my parenting skills. His sister who is 8 was a somewhat hyper toddler but since 4 she is well behaved in social and school settings and is often complimented on her good behavior and manners. My son has good manners also to be fair to him. He is the funniest little man so I really hope this is just his personality and young age.

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