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5 year old son with disipline issues in school

5 year old son with disipline issues in school           reply
16/01/2012 16:17 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Cork)
Hi, My son started schoool last september for the first time and today was the fourth time that we have had a note home regarding his behaviour in the yard. The first note was that he was playing ben 10 roughly in the yard and i spoke to him and warned him not to play rough. The second time a note was sent home, again about being rough in the yard (his answer to me was ´but i didn´t play Ben 10 mam´), i gave out to him and he got no treats till we saw that he was playing nice in school again. The third time he was playing rough with chairs in the classroom while the teacher was on break and we sent him to bed after his homework (which was around 6 in the evening) and he didn´t get a treat till friday that week if he was good. The fourth time, today, was he was being rough with another boy and i´m now so angry with him. He will be sent to bed today after his homework this evening and we are going to take all his toys from him and will give one back a day that he is good.

My delema is that he has always been a good child. he was in the creche since he was 9mths old, then went to playschool (same place as the creche with the same friends right the way up). WE had no issues from the creche/playschool all that time. I had my second child while he was in play school and didn´t go back to work till Jan 2011. Which he was attending preschool for 3 1/2 days and then with a childminder (family member) for the remainder of the week. The childminder had an issue with my son during the summer as her son (who is 7) and mine were not getting along. She has resolved the issue by discipling both at the same time. Then September he started school and we´ve had all these problems with him. The childminder has said lately that he just doesn´t listen. myself and my husband would discipline him at home, we follow through on all threats and in general we don´t have an issue with him at home. Can you please advice on what we could do, do i go and speak to his teacher and see what we can do? I´m at a loss as to weither this is a normal 5year old problem, or is this due to all the adjustments that he´s had...if so can you please advise? Regards a worried Cork MUM.

re... : 5 year old son with disipline issues in school           reply
18/01/2012 12:43 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi There,
It sounds like your little boy is just having a bit of a problem understanding what is too rough in play and what is not. Rather than punishing him, I would be more inclined to set him an incentive to play well. Firstly, talk to his teacher and ask that a note be put in his homework diary each day to say if he played well or was rough. You could then make a ‘star chart’ that you can put on the wall at home and each day he gets a ‘played well’ remark, put a star on the chart. When he gets a certain amount of stars (you decide the number) he gets a treat. The treat doesn’t have to be huge – the fact that he has earned the treat will be incentive enough.
You may also need to chat to him about what constitutes play that is too rough. Explain to him that he is a big strong boy because he eats his vegetables etc., but not everyone is the same. Explain how he has to more gentle with other children who may not be as strong as him. Some rough and tumble play with his Dad each day may help him to understand how much ‘rough’ there should be!
Let us know how this goes!

re : 5 year old son with disipline issues in school           reply
16/01/2012 19:21 - Ask Mother Hen
Yes, I would meet with the teacher and try and sort some form of reward system out to encourage better behaviour.

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