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Access to Dyslexia Reading school / unit

Access to Dyslexia Reading school / unit           reply
15/09/2019 23:53 - Dyslexia (Locality: Dublin North)
Hi. My son 8 yrs has severe dyslexia. He meets the criteria for a place in a reading school / unit. I have a few queries regarding securing a place. I´d greatly appreciate your advice.

1 who approves the child´s place in a special reading school? The principal? SENO? Or both?

2 is a reading school any better than a reading unit within a primary school?

3 my son´s school has a reading unit within the school...must I apply to this unit or can I choose a reading school?

Fingers crossed for a reply.


re : Access to Dyslexia Reading school / unit           reply
20/09/2019 20:13 - Dyslexia
You can see on that the enrolment policy describes applying to the school. Same policy in all the Reading Schools.
You can apply to any school or unit regardless of previous connections.
The advantage over a unit is that Wilson and Maths classes are steamed and thus more directly addressing the level of the individual child. However, the unit in his own school would be less of a disruption for him.

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