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Afterschool Care

Afterschool Care           reply
06/03/2011 20:58 - Ask Mother Hen

I have agreed to take a child on for afterschool care from September, I am wondering if I should have a contract etc done up and where to find one Is there anything else I should be thinking about?

re : Afterschool Care           reply
07/03/2011 15:52 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi. If you know the person whose child you will be looking after, I don´t feel there is a need for a contract, but be specific about the time the child is to be collected, otherwise you could be left "holding the baby" so to speak, for hours after the designated time. If you do not know the person well, just type up a simple contract, e.g., their name, address, contact nos., childs name, age, time for pick up from school, time for pick up from parent from your house and weekly/montly rate. Because it is a private home, and presumably there are no other children being carred for apart from your own, I don´t believe there are any serious health and safety rules to abide by. I looked after 5 children in my house and I was covered for the adult/child ratio without requiring a health and safety report. Best of luck and I hope it works out for you.

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