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Changing School

Changing School           reply
27/11/2008 16:10 - Ask Mother Hen
Could you offer advise on the best approach with our 3 boys who will be moving to a new area in the new year, this will entail new school & new home, also moving away from family. Also if possible the best approach with the new school and what is the procedure for joining a school in the middle of the year.

Thank you.

re : Changing School           reply
28/11/2008 12:01 - Ask Mother Hen
The way you approach the move with your boys is most important. If you appear apprehensive about it, they will pick that up. Moving house can be a very exciting experience and if you remain positive about it, they will look forward to it too. Talk to the children now about the move. Speak to them in an exciting way. Talk about the opportunity to make new friends, do new things etc. Get them involved in selecting colours for their bedrooms and turn it into a positive experience.

With regard to the school, you could contact the school they will be attending and get details on how to register them etc. Then you can find out about their uniform and books and again, make this sound exciting to them. If they talk about missing their friends, you can tell them that you might be able to drive them to their old friends for a while, you´ll find that very soon they´ll adjust and you won´t need to do this.

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