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Childcare cost for 3 siblings

Childcare cost for 3 siblings           reply
02/08/2012 22:45 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I mind 2 sibs at the moment and charge 55 per day for the hours there with me, I know this is a tad under the normal rate from what I´ve seen on here but the family are terrific and I´m happy with the 275 per week.
However mammy is due another baba next year and will probs start with me September or so next year but we are already discussing money.

How much is a reasonable amount for 3 children. Eldest will be nearly 3 at this stage, middle 2 and obviously baby around 9 months or so. Eldest will also be starting his free ecce year, however I do not reduce fee for play school.

So any ideas on what the norm for 3 sibs in North Dublin is?

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