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Childminder query

Childminder query           reply
25/03/2012 15:43 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi I´m new to child minding and have a few questions

I´m paid €170 pw 1 child 8:40 -6:15 (although it usually closer to 6:25 when child collected)
I don´t get paid holidays and I learnt last week I don´t get paid bank holidays either
Lunch is provided but I give dinner

I will be going On 4 day week soon. What should I get for 4 days. And should I get paid bank holidays

Also recently child was dropped in late an collected after 8 should this be classes as normal day because I did same hours even though it was last minute change and I was here ready from 8:40

re : Childminder query           reply
03/04/2012 12:53 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
I pay my childminder for bank holidays and for 4 weeks holidays during the year.This was aggreed at the beginning .If your hours are been dropped mention the bank holiday now before you agree on money maybe something can be worked out to suit everybody
Best of luck

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