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Childminding Costs

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11/03/2012 13:59 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi I dont know if you are childminding from your own home, or the childrens home, if you are in their home, then you will be employed at an hourly rate and pay your paye, and prsi out of that (around €10-12 per hour) depending on experience.
If you are the childcare provider in your own home, i would be charging a daily rate of around €35 for each child, i find having an hourly rate makes things too difficult to keep an eye on.... so on your full days charge the daily rate. You then charge a half day rate of around €30, for each child, this would be your Friday. As for the child who is in Play-school, this should be charged for whether they are in or out of school, because you need to be on standby if he/she becomes, ill at school, or if there is a school closure, and for the days that he/she is on school, you would need to cover the cost of petrol, so i find charging for the pre-school hours, is the easiest. Charging like the above means you should receive a regular income, and everybody knows what to expect. One more thing, ALWAYS, have a wirtten agreement in place, detailing the above, and what happens if either party have to cancel days etc. It is professional and any good parent wont mind having a contract place. Hope this info helps ;)

Childminding Costs           reply
02/03/2012 17:37 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Could someone please give me some advice on what to charge for minding two children, a three year old in playschool and a one year old who would be with me at home all day. The hours are 8.00am - 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00am - 1.30pm on a Friday. I would be doing the playschool drop off and pick up. Any advice would be very welcome.

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