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Childminding Insurance

Childminding Insurance           reply
11/07/2018 13:45 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay

Does anybody have their childminding insurance with anybody other than Childminding Ireland. Could you please let me know where to look.

Many thanks

re : Childminding Insurance           reply
11/07/2018 21:20 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
If your a larger childminder ECI policy will suit you as its expensive. The Kidd policy has the market concerned really unfortunately and its affordable for the small childminder. Padraic Smith is another childcare broker to try.
Or majority on house insurance policy, free normally, just triple check in writing what and where your covered, how many children together etc. Allianz, FBD, AXA all cover childminding. Interesting the Kidd policy is underwritten by Allianz. Now that Childminding Ireland are accepting house insurance as proof of insurance, chances are Kidd will decrease the price in future or even stop selling it.

re... : Childminding Insurance           reply
17/07/2018 21:49 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, any of the household policies don´t actually cover you if you bring your mindees out e.g. to the shop or park. Will have a look at the ECI policy.

re... : Childminding Insurance           reply
18/07/2018 09:07 - How Much Should I Charge or Pay
Hi that is why I said ask "where" and "when". The whole childminding insurance issue is a very grey area. Childminding Ireland are now accepting any form of insurance so saying all their members are fully insured could be no longer true. Kidd are only a broker. Kidd have separated from childminding Ireland collecting their own fee. Time and time again we see different information...last red alert childminding Ireland said ok to open but both Kidd and Allianz the underwriter said No. Registered childminders want to be professional services yet then go against or are advised go against national policy re childcare closing.
Kidd policy covers everywhere but few yrs ago it came to light if you used a car (Kidd policy not cover a car) to get chilld to playground and fell, Kidd have loophole as you went outside their policy (regardless if you´ve class II in your car).
Plus if your Kidd policy in say an insured toddler group and child accident it´s toddler group insurance that would be claimed against, same in shop/another private house etc.
Why are you yourself looking out Kidd policy?

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