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Don't know what to do

re : Don´t know what to do           reply
06/09/2011 17:50 - Ask Mother Hen
Starting school is a huge step for children and it can take time for them to settle in. You say that your son was fine for the first week and is now a bit unsettled – could it be that he is tired and therefore a little bit run down? Having had the whole summer off with no set routine, it could simply be a case that he is very tired adjusting to getting up early and going to school. Make sure that he is getting to bed early and getting plenty of rest.
You can also chat to him about school and how he is getting on. Do this in a casual way. Don’t interrogate him as this may make him not want to talk about it. Simple questions such as ‘who sits beside you?’, ‘did you play in the school yard today’ and so on will help to open up the subject with him and give him an opportunity to talk about anything in particular that is bothering him.
I would also arrange to meet with the teacher as soon as you can. You both need to discuss the situation and how best you can both support your son in settling in. It may be as simple as moving him to another table, setting up a star chart for him at home for going to school and encouraging him to settle in. Another idea may be to arrange a ‘play date’ for one or two of his new friends at the school. Having one or two close friends will be a great boost for your little boy and help his self confidence at school. Find out who he plays with or likes at school and try to arrange this.
Remember, it is very early days for him and it may just be taking a little time to adjust to school and his new routine. Plenty of encouragement, hugs and chatting from you will help enormously!
If he continues to be unsettled, discuss with the teacher again. It may be that he would be best to start next year but don’t give up just yet.

Don´t know what to do           reply
06/09/2011 16:33 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Laois)
Hi There,

My 4year old started school and before he went, I ready all the leaflets that the school gave me about being positive about school with my child. His first day & week was super and he did not cry at all and seemed excited and happy about going to school. My 12 year old daughter in 6th class got the job of helping with the junior infants. She came home from school today and said that the teacher said to her that my son was crying all the time and won´t go out to play with the other children as he was cold and wanted to stay indoors for his break. The teacher said that she that she may have to get more help with him if the situation continues. This teacher has a huge class room of children this year and I don´t think she is able to deals with the large class and pressure. I feel guilty that I sent him to school so young, even though eveyone assured me that he was so out going and bright that it would be well capable of getting on well. I am also annoyed that the teacher said such a thing to my daughter as she knew that it would come back to me. I would have preferred if she arranged a meeting with me or at least a telephone call. What should I do, I don´t like confrontation, should I take him out of the school and not send him till next year, I have sat with him and talked nothing only good of the school and the lovely teacher that he has, but his face is so sad. Please help ....

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