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Enrolement Policy

re... : Enrolement Policy           reply
09/05/2010 21:26 - Ask Mother Hen
Have you considered the other schools in your area if your application to your preferred school is unsuccessful? Having a good second choice is always wise.

re : Enrolement Policy           reply
09/05/2010 16:27 - Ask Mother Hen
Schools have to have transparent Enrolment Policies, especially in cases where supply does not meet demand. If your daughter was accepted and somebody who met more criteria on the policy wasn´t, then there could be a legal challenge. Your best bet is to try to arrange an appointment where school personnel could explain what your chances are. Then again, they may not know exactly what the situation is until all the applications are in and then they´ll know better what your daughter´s chances are.

Enrolement Policy           reply
09/05/2010 10:20 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Wicklow)
Have been told i have no hope of getting my child into Secondary School of choice but desperate to send her there as her primary school is a feeder school and all her friends will be going. Is there any way of bumping up the list by offering help, money for resources? Am afraid to do so in case of insulting or seeing to bribe????

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