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Feeling low

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24/09/2014 16:12 - Ask Mother Hen
Every mother goes through guilt at least ten times a day and those who say they don´t are lieing. It must be tough working a full time job and then coming home to a child who is so full of energy and who sounds like is very demanding. How about one day at the weekend organising a play date for her, it will be company her own age ( as there is a big age gap between herself and her brother) and you and the other mammy could have a cuppa and a chat and see how it goes. After working a full day the last thing anyone is in the humor for is playing and entertaining and with that then comes the guilt, it´s a constant cycle.. I hope you feel better x

re : Feeling low           reply
07/07/2014 16:45 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi, you know i have four kids and iv just about had every emotion with them it is the hardest job you will ever do minding kids, and what i have found is we need a lot of support along the way good months bad months, your not alone you just need to find something that supports your role as a mother it could be life coaching, parenting course meditation class something that makes you feel strong and brings you outside your situation. I´m sure your well able to deal with any situation that comes up take care and don´t be so hard on yourself x

re : Feeling low           reply
14/07/2014 07:02 - Ask Mother Hen
It sounds like you are really struggling right now and in need of support. We cannot take care of anyone till we first take care of ourselves, like on the aeroplane, we are told to put our own mask on first. You cannot look after anyone until you first look after yourself. Parenting is tough and we need time out, we may need to ask for help or seek support.
There are helpful videos on on Temper tantrums, better mealtimes, bedtimes.
We may be passing our stress onto the child so taking time to step back, to hit our PAUSE button, to take 3 deep breaths to self calm all help. Maybe a 1:1 parenting session would help? It will help understand what your child needs so you can respond in the way she needs. Be kind, calm and she will respond better. Take care of yourself and you will respond better to her.

re : Feeling low           reply
30/09/2014 13:28 - Ask Mother Hen
I hope things are better now, been there and could write my own book. I may get lynched for this but what you are going through does not sound normal. I respectfully suggest you contact either your GP or PHN and detail to them as you have here. They can advise you best.

re : Feeling low           reply
23/09/2014 21:27 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi there sorry to hear your going through a difficult time at the minute!We ALL as parents go through these stages even the ones who seem amazing have been there! I have two young children who between them both wake a lot at night and my nearly three year old girl sounds a lot like yours I just keep telling myself it´s a stage that will pass soon. It really helps me to read quotes (online) about children growing up all too soon which happens so quickly as you probably know all to well having an older child.try to have special time with each child separately if possible it will help both you and the child relax and enjoy your relationship.Try not to beat yourself up none of us are perfect we can only do our best it´s the hardest job ever.

Feeling low           reply
07/07/2014 14:55 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi there

Need to reach out to other parents who could possibly be in the same situation as me maybe I’m alone in this I don’t know

Right now I feel like a pretty lousy mum to my kids. I really feel like I’ve lost my way as a mum if that makes sense at all. I look at other mums who have kids the same age as my daughter and they make it look so dam easy and I feel like a stress ball ALL THE FRICKIN TIME!
I’ve got 2 children, my son is 13ys and my daughter is 2yrs. A lot of my stress and anxiety stems from my 2year old. Always been a terrible sleeper, my husband and I would be up 2-3 times a night with her, she’s extremely extremely clingy to both of us, we both work full time.
She’s a little fire cracker and I love her personality but her tantrums are off the scale so much so I dread brining her out in public as bad as it sounds. Family meals out are out of the question because her behaviour can be so bad my heart races at the thought of it. I can’t have too much noise in the house at evening times when she’s in bed because I’m so afraid she will wake up and never get her back to sleep, im marching to the beat of a drum that may not even be there the thoughts of a bad situation makes me nervous than acutally being in that situation.
At night when I hear her crying again my heart races and I get so dam annoyed and upset with her that I get into a bad mood from the off and shout all the time.
I see my friends lids as I said who just seem to have it so together that I feel so lousy about my parenting…or lack there of….really gets me down

re : Feeling low           reply
10/07/2014 11:09 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi, my heart goes out to you, motherhood is one long guilt trip it seems. I have a friend who had the same problems with her 2yr old, they got a sleep doctor in and it changed their lives, she sleeps perfectly now with rare wake ups if any, I think it was about €150-200 but that was to solve the problem so included repeat visits. I have a 20month old who is having some behavioural problems lately, tantrums, slapping etc I got great comfort on David Coleman´s website , he is just so calm and practical and non judgemental with his advice, it´s never as exteme as some of the other "gurus". And talk to your friends, you can be sure their lives are not as smooth as they appear on the outside, no-one´s is!

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