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Have I done the right thing

Have I done the right thing           reply
24/03/2016 12:25 - Limerick County Childminders
Hi everyone. Looking for a bit of help. I´m mum to a16m old and minding beautiful little boy. I also mind another little girl. The little boy keeps catching every sort of virus/bug and bringing it to the house. I have a sickness policy and I know it´s hard for working parents to always stick to it. How sick is sick etc. Unfortunately my little one despite my best efforts keeps catching the viruses and as a result has been hospitalised twice and I´ve had to close numerous times due to contagious illnesses for the sake of the other little one. They´re nasty bugs not just your 24hr ones they last for up to 10days! My LB keeps losing weight dramatically each time and as soon as I have him back on track another virus rears its head. I´m at my wits end. I´m broke because I close so much and I hate to see my boy so sick. The guilt factor is huge. I was trying give him a great start with being at home with him and him making little buddies but the sickness is constant. I´m banging my head off a wall. Should I just ask the little boy to move on and hope i find another family or do I stick it out as we are all attached to the boys. I just wonder if my little man has enough😔Please help

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