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Homework pass - punishment

re : Homework pass - punishment           reply
29/09/2010 13:04 - Ask Mother Hen
I agree if she wanted to punish him by making him do homework she should have told him he could use his pass on a different day. extremely unfair and is counter productive as he wont try to get a pass the next time.

I really believe you should go in and explain to the teacher

re : Homework pass - punishment           reply
29/09/2010 09:20 - Ask Mother Hen
I think that you should talk to his teacher if possible. If the punishment was the same for all of the boys at his table, then that is fine. It seems from what you say however, that he got extra punishment in terms of having his homework pass cancelled? This is very unfair and you really need to talk to the teacher about this. Don´t go in with ´all guns blazing´ - the teacher may have been under pressure with the class and did not think it through. Be calm and see what can be sorted out.
Good luck!

Homework pass - punishment           reply
28/09/2010 20:25 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin North)

There was an incident at school today for my 7yr old son. Last week he was awarded "student of the week" and was given a homework pass as reward. He was so excited & spent the weekend trying to decide which day would be best to use the pass. Everybody was told about the pass.
He wanted to use the pass on Monday but he´d left the pass at home and was told he couldn´t use it. Bit harsh I thought but he made sure he had it in his bag this morning so he gave it to the teacher today.
As he was leaving school today he was crying. He told his Nana it was because he was given homework even though he used his pass. My mother went to speak to the teacher and she said that she had to check my son´s table (himself & 3 other boys) 3 times during the day and this was his punishment.
When we spoke to our son he said that he had done nothing wrong. 1 other child had been chatting, didn´t clean the desk. My son admitted to leaving his seat but only to show his teacher his completed work.
He is very upset about the homework and feels "ripped off", he doesn´t want to go to school tomorrow.
I feel very sad for my son - he has never had issues with behaviour, far from it, and I think his teacher could have chosen a different punishment.
We have written a note to his teacher to try and find out exactly why this punishment was chosen and what he did exactly to warrant it but I am really annoyed with her - I feel it was a very mean spirited thing to do and that she really took away his pride and excitment about the homework pass. It means nothing to him now.
We are really not sure what to do - this is a new school and new teacher obviously and we are starting to worry - we did everything we could to prepare our son for the change - and his previous school, junior primary, were fantastic - we are really not getting a good feeling about this teacher and are not sure how to deal with it.
Any tips please

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