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How To Help Sensitive Lonely Daughter

re... : How To Help Sensitive Lonely Daughter           reply
25/09/2014 07:49 - Ask Mother Hen
Keep communicating with the teacher and possibly the principal about how your daughter is getting on. Thinking about moving back to Junior Infants may be worth considering as your daughter will be more confident and feel more competent and make those new connections.
If you have the opportunity, get involved in some way to make contacts with other parents, through PTA or sharing a run or extra curricular activity. Time helps, so give opportunities for your daughter to do more for herself, giving lots of encouragement and praise and maybe asking the teacher to do the same. Perhaps ask the teacher to reseat her and encourage a pal to befriend.
Things will get better.

How To Help Sensitive Lonely Daughter           reply
15/09/2014 22:04 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Mayo)
We have just moved to Mayo from England and I´m really worried about my daughter (5 and an only child) settling in at school. She had completed a year of school before we left and had some good friends but seems unable to make any friends here. She has started in Senior Infants and most girls already know each other and just don´t seem interested in including her. She used to be such a confident little girl but now seems totally crushed by the rejection. She says she is ok when doing her work but at playtime no one will play with her even though she asks them, they all say no.
I have read similar threads and seen suggestions for playdates but I am not entirely sure how to arrange anything as I hardly see any of the parents and we live in a quite remote area not particularly close to the school (we are renting at the moment as we plan to renovate a house closer to the school). I have arranged for her to do a dance class starting this week and spoken to the teacher about it. I am not sure what else I can do but it is so hard when she is sobbing her heart out saying how nobody likes her and everything always goes wrong for her.
I think this is deeply affecting her as she hardly eats her packed lunch at school and her schoolwork is not as good as usual and I think she is a nervous wreck from this. I do talk to her and explain that these things take time but in the world of a five year old she´s lonely NOW and I don´t know what else to do.

re... : How To Help Sensitive Lonely Daughter           reply
25/09/2014 21:59 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi everyone, thanks for all your help and suggestions. Things are much improved...time plus the dance class and having a playdate have all come about to make a much happier little girl :-)

re... : How To Help Sensitive Lonely Daughter           reply
16/09/2014 10:43 - Ask Mother Hen
Thanks for your reply. I do feel that last week the teacher and the after school club lady were understanding and helpful but this week as the issue hasn´t improved they are losing patience and just finding her annoying. As for moving her down a class...the work in Senior infants is actually far too easy for her but she has no Irish yet so they don´t want to put her in First class. Her reading and Maths is excellent...far beyond the level she is doing in Senior infants, but she has messy writing and they seem to want her to improve that more than anything.

re : How To Help Sensitive Lonely Daughter           reply
16/09/2014 07:59 - Ask Mother Hen
Has the teacher suggested anything, make the school become more proactive as they might just be glossing over the issue....did anyone suggest she started with low infants at the very start?
Starting activities will hopefully help...,

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