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Maths problems

re... : Maths problems           reply
07/05/2010 11:08 - Ask Mother Hen
Sounds like great advice Mother Hen. Hope it all works out.

Maths problems           reply
09/04/2010 13:10 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Carlow)
I have a 9 year old due to start 5th class in september. His teacher has now said she wants him to repeat 4th class as he is having probs with time tables and irish. We moved to ireland from england in 2006. he started school and was put up to higher class after 2 wks as he had attended school in england and had done the work already. I know this will really upset my child and wish something had been done sooner. Any advice?

re : Maths problems           reply
11/04/2010 17:51 - Ask Mother Hen
I think that you can certainly help him with his tables. It is important for kids to know their tables as this is key to them for maths. You could help him to learn these by working with him in each day. I don´t know if you have irish but if you have, then you could also help him with learning spellings, reading and so on. Talk to his teacher and tell how you will be supporting him and agree date in a couple of weeks to review. You still have the rest of April, May and June to try to help him to pull up and move to 5th class so see what progress can be made.
With regard to irish, you could get an older child (e.g. from secondary school) to help if you don´t have the skills. Check with friends, family and neighbours to see if anyone can offer some ehlp.
Good luck.

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