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Moody 10 year old

re : Moody 10 year old           reply
14/01/2009 22:35 - Ask Mother Hen
Although it sounds like your son is going through a difficult time at the moment, It is not uncommon for a child his age to find it hard to explain why he is upset or to even understand it fully himself. It can help to talk to his father and other people who know him well to see if they have noticed his upset and if they know what might be causing it. His upset could be caused by feelings around the family separation and if that is the case it is a good idea to talk to his father about this and to work together to reassure and help him. Even if there is no specific reason causing your sons’ behaviour at the moment (it could be related to him approaching puberty when children really feel the ups and downs of emotion), it sounds like he needs a bit more time and support at the moment. It might to be an idea to try and spend some one to one time doing an enjoyable activity he likes, when you are not rushed and you have plenty of time to listen and talk to him. Away from pressures children can find it easier to talk and open up. His father might be able to do the same when he sees your son. With a bit of time and attention, this difficult phase could pass for your son. I´d recommend you seek further help and advice if the problem persists.

Moody 10 year old           reply
13/01/2009 20:04 - Ask Mother Hen
My ten year old son has really become moody these last few months. He can fly off the handle at the smallest thing. He cries for no reason and when I ask him, he says he doesn’t know why he gets so upset. I separated from my husband a few years ago, and though he sees his father regularly do you think it is anything to do with that? I´m worried about him and also afraid he´s becoming depressed.

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