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Nanny           reply
28/08/2015 14:33 - Kilkenny Childminders (Locality: Kilkenny)
I am looking for a nanny (ideally self employed) to mind 2 children in my home for 2.5/3 days. 8am to 6pm Mon & Tues, 8am Wed with finish being between 2pm & 5pm on Wed.

Breakfast, lunch & snacks included. Children girls aged 3 & 1.

PM me for more details if you are interested, please include your rates & experience.

re : Nanny           reply
28/08/2015 15:07 - Wanted
Just a quick point, there can be no such thing as self employed nanny. You become the employer for any nanny as they classed as domestic servant. You must provide a contact, holidays etc. Revenue very clear on it and are clamping down on employers not paying employee prsi, safer not to risk it....a nanny can though have her own insurance though saving you hassle...

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