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re : OVERBEARING CHILD           reply
31/12/2013 12:44 - Ask Mother Hen
I think it´s important for a child to set boundaries. Listen to your child and do some roll playing. Teach your child to be assertive but not mean. Use words like;
Hands off my body
Today I am sitting with ...
Stop that
It´s not okay to hurt
I think I have something else to do right now
No. Thank you.
Verbal attacks can be squashed with a non aggressive question or by agreeing with the teaser.
Why would you say something like that?
Your point is?
Yes, I do wear glasses.
Yes I do make mistakes sometimes.
Ignoring is the slowest form of behavior modification. So teach your child to answer back in a direct, assertive and non abusive way. By doing so, it teaches boundaries and it also shows the other child it´s not bothering your child.

re... : OVERBEARING CHILD           reply
06/09/2013 15:39 - Ask Mother Hen
I think it is important to strike a balance between staying friendly with this ´overbearing´ child and at the same time not being controlled by him. If your son does what he does not want to do (i.e. sits beside him when he may prefer to sit with different people) he will resent the other boy. Cheerfully saying ´thanks, but I´ll sit with Joe today as I need to ask him something´ is okay.
At other times including this boy , when your son is with other people is also possible. Maybe ask your son how he feels and support him in dealing with the situation, but as far as possible, push the responsibility down to him to come up with his own solutions as this is something he will have to handle and deal with on his own within school.

re : OVERBEARING CHILD           reply
06/09/2013 06:57 - Ask Mother Hen
I do know this child suffered bullying before ......should read ..thks

OVERBEARING CHILD           reply
06/09/2013 06:55 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Kildare)
HI ALL. MY 12 year has started at secondary. Another local child has "latched" on to him ...from early morning ...from the bus "sit beside me" then when they got off the bus its "where are you going I am not allowed to the shop , you come with me or I will tell your mother"! My child (all mothers say this) is a very pleasant popular , happy child , and this is starting to get him down.
My child is popular amongst his peers ...and this other child is constantly trying to keep my child within arms reach all the time.....Its hard enough to settle in a new school without this hassle. I do not this child suffering bullying etc before child didn´t know him before ....I think he may be nervous and hanging onto my guy as he is nice and to be honest , my child wouldn´t like to hurt his feelings by walking away ...he is troubled by this behaviour. They get the bus together , and I met this childs mother by virtue of this ...she has now taken to texting me "the bus is here" come on " etc etc....What will I do?

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