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Repeating junior infants

re : Repeating junior infants           reply
13/06/2013 22:58 - Ask Mother Hen
hi im worried about the same thing myself. My son just gone 5 in april is having difficulties with concentration and finishing tasks for his teacher. She says out of all 28 kids she needs to spend most of her time with my son, if she walks away from him he will not finish anything for her so has to stand over him and help him. When i asked if he should stay back i got the impression she would recommend it but said it is not an option for him as no places available in ji for next yr. Wondering if we should change schools or if it might be a bit drastic. She did say that ability wise he is doing well with blending sounds and other things on curriculum and that the rest will come with maturity. I am just worried that not being able to keep up with the others concentration wise, that. he will fall behind and stay behind as he tends to give up when he thinks he´s not good at something. Eg. cannot ride his bike very well yet and not without stabilisers so will not take it out on the rd when other kids his age have their bikes out with no stabilisers as I think hes embarrassed.but will not try. So worried. Dont want him to be the silly kid in class. Starting to think that if he had chance to repeat everything he learned this yr with younger class he would have that confidence of being the older wiser kid in class! Help !!!

re... : Repeating junior infants           reply
17/06/2013 22:01 - Ask Mother Hen
Thanks for advice. Have decided I do want him to repeat the yr however the pricipal has said theres no places and gave me option of him repeating snr inf if needs be. Unless any students decline place for this yr or dont show up in sept. So fingers crossed. If he cant repeat though id hope they can at least assure me he´ll get extra assistance in the classroom if he needs it. Have u any experience of this?? That is my next question for the principal.

re : Repeating junior infants           reply
31/12/2013 12:53 - Ask Mother Hen
As an American I can tell you the current tend for boys (in the states) is to keep them back a year. This is because it gives them an extra year to mature and an advantage in sports. I´ve also seen parents start girls later if the little girl is shy or socially behind.
There are advantages and disadvantages on being the oldest in the class and the youngest.

Repeating junior infants           reply
23/05/2013 22:09 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi every1
im new 2 this but could use some advice..i met wit my sons teacher 2dsy and she has advised me 2 keep my son back and repeat Ji as he seems 2 be struggling a bit and is behind thr other kids in his class.I would hve no problem wit doin this but his age is causing me concern.He is 5 1/2 at the moment (6 in november) so if i keep him bak he will basically b nearly 6 startin skool years 2 cum he will b 2 months of 14 startin secondary skool and 19 doin his leaving cert..Just so confused as wat 2 do.Has any1 else had a problem like this..Any advice welcome :)

re... : Repeating junior infants           reply
17/06/2013 12:07 - Ask Mother Hen
Making a decision to hold a child back is never an easy one, however the earlier it is done, the better. In both cases, the word struggling is used to describe the child. The pace quickens in Senior Infants and the struggle may become greater.
I always ask parents ‘What is your gut?’ Then speak with the teacher and the principal if necessary and make a decision. With my three children, I know that being a bit older was not a problem; better a bit younger was a greater problem, especially in the teen’s years when the friends were ready for discos etc. and they were not.
Staying back in Junior Infants is not difficult as friendships are very fluid and the transition is an easy one. Many parents say the impact of staying back is that it meant the child seemed ‘more able to cope with what is going on in class’ and confident in their abilities (academically and socially).

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