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Right age to start school

Right age to start school           reply
02/09/2006 12:12 - Pre-school / Montessori
I have a three year old who will be four next July so I had intended to start her in school next Sept 07 but having talked to another mom this week I´m having second thoughts that she might be too young. I would be interested in the views of any of you who had young four year olds who have just started - any regrets about your decision?

re : Right age to start school           reply
02/09/2006 18:20 - Pre-school / Montessori
Hi Supermom. This is an important decision you are about to make. You don´t tell us whether your child is the eldest in the family or male or female. Has your child attended playschool? If so what does the playschool teacher think? If the child has not attended playschool I think that he/she would benefit greatly from a year at playschool before attending primary school. Some children are more than ready academically for school but may not be ready to mix socially. If you send your child next sept he/she will be in the same class as children who could be 12 - 18 months older than him/her. Also some schools have a cut off date, and won´t allow children start unless they a,re for example, 4 by the 1/4 of the year they start school. I didn´t start my first child at school until he was five his dob is 31/3. He was 5 in March and he started the following Sept. I have absolutely no regrets. He spent 2 yearsin playschool but it really helped his confidence starting and through school. Good luck Niamh

re : Right age to start school           reply
17/11/2009 11:52 - Pre-school / Montessori
Hi Supermom, i´d just like to know how you got on? Did you start your little one in sept 07 ? I find myself in the same situation with my 3 yr old boy who will be 4 next July and had plans starting him... Until a lot of other offered advise.!!!!
He is a 3rd child, i have 4 boys. My two older ones were 5 starting as their birthdays were Oct and Sept, so never had to make the choice. He is a lot more outgoing than his brothers and is in pre-school this year and loving it.
To all other moms, did you know that if your child is born in July or August and you start them in school when they are 4, you do not qualify for the free play school year.... at all !!!! :wall:

re : Right age to start school           reply
02/09/2006 22:13 - Pre-school / Montessori
Hello Supermum,
I think its a significant decision every parent has to consider when their child reaches four. We made a concious decision not to send our son to school at four years. When he started school at five years you could see that he was more ready and confident in himself. I suppose he was in the older half of the class but he was much more able to cope with the formal learning process and was much more confident in the company of his classmates. I suppose it really depends on the child, but I can´t see any particular advantage in starting a child in school at a very young four years of age. I hope this is of some help to you. Good luck with your decision.

re : Right age to start school           reply
18/10/2006 06:48 - Pre-school / Montessori
i´ve found a big difference between boys and girls. started first daughter at 4 (since June) and never had a problem emotionally or educationally, She wasn´t the youngest in her class by a long shot. she is now doing well in secondary and still well able for everything. when my boy came along, he just would not have been ready at all for school at 4 yrs. talking to other mums i´ve found they tend to agree that boys need to be that bit older. hope these opinions help - its a big bad world out there trying to make all the right decisions.

re : Right age to start school           reply
07/12/2006 20:29 - Pre-school / Montessori
I think it is good to allow your child to socialise and acclimatise over a gentle lead in period. My daughter went to Nursery part-time as a baby and up to school age. She is a bright happy child and I am pleased that after the first year at home with her I gave into it. Is was good for her to learn independence from me as well. Your childs needs are paramount but don´t be afraid to provide interesting opportunities. Some mums even go to help out occasionally as they are the ones who suffer the most at this step towards childrens independence.
I would say try it and see , good luck,


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