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Starting school dilema

re : Starting school dilema           reply
21/01/2011 17:39 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi there i have a child starting school in sept 11,he will be four in july and this was discussed at a meeting at our local school for the children starting in sept 2010,the principal said that legally he is not entitled to refuse any child that is 4 before sept 1st,also the fact that your child has siblings attending that school already should be a big plus on your side,also if school is in your catchment area,i would speak to the principal again,good luck.

Starting school dilema           reply
21/01/2011 12:23 - Ask Mother Hen
I have just been told that my daughter will not get a place in school this year. She was due to start in Sept 11 and would be 41/2. She has been in Montessori for the past two years, the school is extremely local and she has two older siblings there already. The class was oversubscribed and she was excluded (along with others) on the basis of age. She is guarenteed a place next year but she will be 51/2 by then and will have spent another year in Montessori going over the same work she has been doing this year. She is ready for school. As far as I can see I have a few options. I can keep her in her present Montessori school (where her class are being prepared for school, so she will feel very left out in addition to having repeat the year). I can try to enrol her in another Montessori. I can try to enrol her in another school and then transfer her back to the local school in 2012, but that would mean her repeating JI and she would still be 51/2. Can anyone advise?

re : Starting school dilema           reply
22/01/2011 16:57 - Ask Mother Hen
under the guidelines children dont have to start school till they are 6years old so the school dosent have to take your child if there is a child older than your child they will get preference as they are closer to 6years of age. I think you may have to wait another year or resign urself to changing schools.

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