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Toilet training

Toilet training           reply
15/12/2011 18:15 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin West)

My little girl is 2 and a half and i would like to toilet train her but she goes mad and flips out when i suggest she sits on the potty without her nappy. She is happy to sit on it with her clothes on. she is also happy to stay in a dirty nappy and when i ask is she dirty she says her baby sister is dirty. She hates when i change her nappy and flips out ..... should i just jump in and start the training or do you think i should wait ????

re : Toilet training           reply
16/12/2011 10:26 - Ask Mother Hen
There are lots of opinions on when to start toilet training. My feeling is that you should start when you see that your child is displaying signs of being ready for training. For example, when they notice that they are making a poo or wetting their nappy. With your daughter at the moment, I would take the focus off the toilet training a bit as it seems to be causing both of you some stress. Wait a while and then try again in a relaxed way. Your daughter may be reacting this way because she wants to be in nappies as well as the younger sibling - it could be that she still wants to get the same type of attention. Another practical reason for holding off a bit on the training is the weather! Trying to toilet train her when the weather is less cold may be easier for both of you!
My advice is, for the moment, hold off on training and take the focus off the issue. This will allow your daughter to relax more about training and make the potty training exercise go more smoothly. Focus on encouraging her to want to toilet train rather than getting her to train because you want it. If she understands and believes in Santa you could have him leave her a nice new potty and some pants under the Christmas tree. When she starts to train, use lots of encouragement and praise. Try drawing some simple picture charts showing her using her potty etc., and give her a star to reward success. There are also lots of books about training that you can read to her showing children who are training and how it works. Again, do these positive things with her to encourage her to WANT to train and then it will be much easier for all of you.

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