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Weaning and feeding - Think Im going mad!

Weaning and feeding - Think Im going mad!           reply
29/12/2012 22:15 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Cork)

I have a 5 month old that I started weaning at 4 months now. She loves her solids but wont eat the bottle. Slowly but surely, she is now eating both but prefers the solids - so much so that when she eats the solids she will only have 3/4 ounces out of a 7/8 ounce bottle. All the boxes tell me she should be eating the solids AND her normal bottle but she just wont eat it!
I think shes getting enough food to sustain her but its not enough to keep her asleep at night - she´ll wake up at about 3:30am hungry. She slept from 3 months on from 7pm - 7am and now she will not sleep all night. She doesnt cry after her food so she doesnt seem hungry for more so i dont know what to do.
Recently we have started feeding her at 7am with 7 ounces milk, 10am with 7 ounces, 11am with solids, 1pm with 7 ounces, 2pm with solids, 4pm 7 ounces milk, 6pm solids, 7pm 7 ounces of milk. We´re feeding her all day long just to make sure she´s getting eoungh!! Its so tiring!

PLEASE anyone out there, give me some advice. No one seems to know what to do! From a health perspective, she is healthy but is most definaltly not getting enough milk (which apparently should be her main source of food for the 1st year) and am worried its going to effect her in the long run!

Thanks in advance

re : Weaning and feeding - Think Im going mad!           reply
02/01/2013 18:34 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi There,, First off congrats on motherhood!! Im a mam of 3 who are 7,9 and 11 now. I remember how worrying it was, are they eating enough? are they sleeping enough? etc, I remember when i started feeding solids that for every spoon feed you introduce you slowley cut out a bottle,also i found with mine (as all children are sooo different and alot is trial and error) that i would give them their last bottle around 7pm and then gave them a top up(2 or 3 ozs) at around 9pm which set them up for the night! I hope this helps(im not a professional,just a mam!),, and as long as your baby is eating drinking growing smiling gurgling etc your not going far wrong!!!! Remember we only eat 3 meals a day and dont worry if baby is not taking all the bottle or food cause sometimes there are days we are not hungry !!! Best of luvk, your doing great!!

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