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dcd           reply
01/07/2010 13:57 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Cork)
hi all my son aged 9 has dcd and im wondering if there is any other parents with their son/daughter with the same thing. he has a mild dose of it and will be helped when he goes back to school in september he is going into 4th class he is in a split class which i dont mind. the teacher he will have in september is fantastic she treats the kids as if they are her own.please help me out if you can

re : dcd           reply
23/09/2010 19:47 - Ask Mother Hen
hi dee

i too have a son nearly 6 with dcd in senior infants and is finding school work and socialising very hard .he is getting OT and SLT.
hes also getting 5 hrs of resource teaching in school a week.
i am in cork area

re... : dcd           reply
24/09/2010 23:16 - Ask Mother Hen
occupational therapist, speach and language therapist....just a guess!

re... : dcd           reply
24/09/2010 11:07 - Ask Mother Hen
morning how are you just got your email on dcd adam is getting 3hrs a week help. what is ot and slt i tried for the grant that you are entitled to but was refused it as he isnt bad enough did you apply for that he has attidue at the moment and acting as if nothing matters what i have done is when he is doing his homework i leave him chill for a while when he comes home from school and then let him do his homework it works but the attitude is unreal thats what the helper said he will have attitude i try to ignore him and let him shout and ror an it helps him,at the start i use to shout at him but it didnt work let me no if you have any news

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