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finding a childminder

re... : finding a childminder           reply
11/04/2010 17:00 - Ask Mother Hen
Thanks for the reply...I compeletely understand what you mean, I just wondered that if I didnt want the childminder to have only my child to look after would it cost less than lets say having a nanny look after him. I used to live in London and was a nanny myself and i know that having a childminder there looking after more, i think its up to six children, meant a friendlier rate for the parents beacause the cm had more than 1 source of income. i think it came to about 70-100pounds a week, which of course would be multiplied by the number of kids for the cm. I just unfortunately need to consider all the options. I wouldnt expect the childminder to give me reduced rate, just thought it worked similar to how it works in the UK. So basically I would just like to find out how much a cm charges if there is more chikdren they look after. Thanks again for the reply:-))

finding a childminder           reply
06/04/2010 16:10 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Cork)
Hi, I am a newly single mum new to the area. Im planning to get a job shortly and need someone to look after my 2-year-old. Just a few issues Im interseted in. I would dropp my son off and pick him up, would consider providing his meals, just wondered if that would affect the childminders rate? I would also like him to be looked after by somebody who has more (maybe 4-5 kids) to take care of in their own home. I think its important for him to develop social skills, as well as hoping shared childcare costs less...unfortunately especially given my circumstances cost is very important to me, yet obviously its his welfare I care about the most. How much would I have to pay a childminder under these conditions full-time? I would be very grateful for any advice or information.

re... : finding a childminder           reply
11/04/2010 20:47 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi, I see what you mean, well what I would say is def approach any cm your talking to about this, you can only ask, speaking personally, cm rates vary hugely across the country so its hard to tell you what to expect, my own hourly rate is €5, you will find that some charge more, some less. I certainly offer things like sibling discounts in my service, so it always worth asking. Hope this helps, good luck in your search, x Dee

re : finding a childminder           reply
10/04/2010 22:35 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi, I´ve been a cm for several years (not in your area) but I´ve never heard of cm´s reducing charges as you suggest in ´shared´ situations. As you can understand, each child still needs the same care, attention, number of meals etc etc. It is def in your lo´s interest to be in a small group setting but I can´t see that reducing the cost. x Dee

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