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junior infants

junior infants           reply
25/09/2017 15:39 - Ask Mother Hen
My little boy (nearly 5) started junior infants last month, he loves it, hae has no bother going in and says he has a great time. However the teacher called me in last week and said his behaviour is very disrubtive and she said maybe there was someting wrong with him, she said he wont sit down and wont do what he is told.
i am very suprised as i find him to be very good, i have no issue with his behaviour, i take him everywhere and i have no issues with him, neither has my husband or my mother who would also care for him. he has two your siblings who he gets on very well with. After she called me in, i had a good chat with my son, but he seems to think everything is fine and he likes school.
today she called my husband in again and said he was very disruptive and that he stands out as being different from the other children. I am at a loss about what to do, could she possibly exclude him from the class, as this seems to be where she is going?
i cant relate to what she is talking about at all as i have never experienced any behavour like this from him. What will happen if she does not want him in the class? he says he is very good in class and does what she says so i have nothing to go on, only what she says. He has done two years in pre- school and never had any issue, I take him to lots of parties and playgroups and the playground and have never seen him be disruptive. I would love some advise on how to handle this, I am going to go back to the teacher but other than talk to my son, I cant do much when i am not there.
a concerned mother

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