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relations teaching students

relations teaching students           reply
25/06/2010 12:39 - Ask Mother Hen
Is there any rule or guideline concerning teachers being related to a student within their class???

re : relations teaching students           reply
26/06/2010 15:35 - Ask Mother Hen
There are no guidelines that I´m aware of but depending on the size of the school, most teachers I know would prefer not to teach their own children or close relatives. Most would be afraid that it could affect the personal relationship.
You also have the difficulty that you can be in a no win situation because others looking on will criticise you if your relative is successful, wins a competition, race, or is chosen to do a reading at a mass and so on. Teachers can find themselves in a no win situation where they are damned if they do and damned if they don´t. In those situations, you sometimes find a child, who possibly deserved to win or be chosen but didn´t/wasn´t, simply because he or she was related to the teacher.
Having said all of that, if the balance is right, I have seen and heard situations where it has worked where a teacher teaches a family relative. The teacher and pupil have to be able to overlook the potential for unfair criticism by other parents. The least the child deserves is to be treated the same as others and not to actually end up losing out simply because they are related to the teacher or that they can´t be chosen for something because of this.

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