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splitting a class

re : splitting a class           reply
30/09/2013 10:39 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi there
A couple of years back my child´s class was split in 3rd class and I was quite worried about it but it worked out fine. It does depend a little on how the school goes about the split but usually they will try and ensure that each child is with one or two of their close friends. What often happens is that one class is choosen to be split in two and merged into the other two classes so it´s a little harder on the group that is split. However my son was in the class that was split and he settled very quickly and it probably worked out for the better.

splitting a class           reply
27/09/2013 17:31 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi I would really appreciate some advice as my child is in 3rd class now and due to not having enough pupils our school will lose a teacher and a class of 22 must be spilt, making 2 classrooms of 35 children. My worry is how do they split classes is it by ability or alphabetically or some other method? Also if anyone elses child has been in a a split class did it adversely affect them. Thanks a mil.

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